Friday Reads – Birthday Edition

This was an interesting week.

Yes. Henrico Libraries DO Rock!

The big event was our All Henrico Reads on Tuesday with local boy done great David Baldacci. He was born and raised in Henrico county and everyone is very proud of his success.

The event was great! Over 1200 people came out on Tuesday night to see him speak and sign books. He’s a great speaker and a very good sport. He stayed until 10pm and signed every book put in front of him. He also spoke to hundreds of students in two separate assemblies during the day. I can only imagine how tired he must have been. I’ve got a lot of respect for him and hope he continues to produce bestselling books. You should check out his literacy foundation and consider giving them some money if you can.

Today is my birthday so I will be helping the local economy by eating out for every meal. My oldest daughter and I went to IHOP for breakfast. She loves the Create-A-Face Pancakes. Lunch will be with the wife and youngest daughter. Location is yet to be determined. Dinner will be pizza. I will not cook today!

This week’s links are less focused on technology than most of my past posts. I like the idea of gamifying the library but I don’t know how we can do it here. It is something to think about though. There is good news/bad news and on the eBook front. And some creative people in Spain have come up with a novel way to make souvenirs.

This is simply cool. You’ll have to look at the video to get the full effect. The people who thought this up are very creative and smart.

Bad news on the eBook front. It looks like the State Librarian for Kansas is balking at increased rates proposed by Overdrive. It looks like a complicated issue. I wonder what will happen. It will probably affect us at some point.

Good news on the eBook front. Harper Collins is willing to negotiate with libraries. I hope they mean it and we can use this as a way to find a good/fair model that works for libraries and publishers.

Brian Herzog discusses gamifying the library. The idea is to reward people who follow the rules. It’s an interesting idea and one that we should think about. What to reward? How?

Andy discusses gamifying the library. He asks some questions that should be asked when deciding whether or not to make a game and proposes one of his own. I don’t see his game working for us but maybe we can come up with one that will.

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