Notes from 2012 LITA National Forum

I’ve finished writing up my notes from this year’s LITA National Forum (October 5-8). I don’t think they do justice to the amazingly smart people who presented. I’ve tried to include links to the speaker’s slides and any relevant links they mentioned. I’ve also grouped all of the available online slides and keynote presentations into one place so they should be easier to find.

It was a great weekend. I learned a lot and met some very smart/funny/nice people. I left with my head full of ideas that I’m still trying to process. Being surrounded by people smarter than me is always a treat. Especially when they are willing to share their knowledge.

I am very thankful to the Friends of the Library for financing this expedition and hope to do it again.

Notes can be found here.

Links to slides and keynote presentations can be found here.

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