Winter 2013 eBook Instruction Tour

During the first nine weeks of 2013 I conducted 18 eBook instruction events at nine library locations in the county. Nine of them were eBook Clinics, 2 hour workshops that cover the basics of using the library’s eBook collections. The other nine were eBook Consultations, one-on-one appointments with people.

A total of 154 people attended these events. The attendance was down from last year’s post holiday eBook tour. I think that’s a good thing. I think it shows that people are:

  • Getting the hang of using our eBook collections.
    • Or know someone who has already gotten the hang of it that can help them.
  • Purchasing tablets/smartphones instead of eInk eReaders.
    • The OverDrive app (available on all major mobile operating systems including Kindle Fires and Nook HDs) makes using our eBook collections much easier.
  • Getting their questions answered when they visit their library.
    • Library staff is more knowledgeable and comfortable with our eBook collections and how they work.
      • Maybe the staff training in December and eBook page revisions helped?

The audiences for the eBook clinics were overwhelmingly 50+ with most people 60+. This is just like last year.

I have scheduled a new round of eBook Consultations for April and May. I enjoy the consultations. I like being able to help people individually. It gives them the chance to ask ‘silly’ questions they may not ask in a room full of people and they get answers specific to them and their device.

I tried to take pictures of the attendees at the eBook clinics this year. I got pictures of 6 of the 9 clinics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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