This mellow fellow wandered up our driveway yesterday.


No collar. No tags. We haven’t called Animal Control yet because he wandered up after they were closed. They are closed today so we will call them tomorrow. Going to put up some flyers today.  I hope we can get him back to his family.

He seems like a good dog. Hasn’t bothered the cat (yet) and our dog is getting along with him. He has a healthy appetite and has been sleeping a lot. My wife and kids like him and so do I.


We found his family!

After taking him to the emergency vet to check for a chip and not having any luck we checked Craigslist. My wife found a listing that matched so she called the number in the listing and it was his family! They were happy to have him back. I’m glad we were able to reconnect him with them. He was missed.

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