Good idea by Jacon Calacanis on gun violence

Good idea from a smart guy on how to make guns harder to acquire but still available.

The reasonable compromise seems like requiring insurance based on how deadly a weapon is, combined with background checks and licensing, just like how we deal with cars. Of course, this can never happen if the Left insists on “no guns!” and the Right insists on “no limits on guns!”

In my plan, a revolver might cost, say, $100 to insure every year — about 1/3rd of the cost of the gun. A more powerful handgun with a larger magazine might be $250, while assault style riffle would be $1,000 a year.

The time to get a licenses would increase as well. Just as a standard driver’s license might take a week or two of effort, but the license to drive a big-rig might take weeks or months of training. If you want to buy an assault riffle, be prepared for a certification course and insurance, which would provide ample time for law enforcement — and the insurance companies — to red flag bad actors.

Source: Some thoughts on gun violence from a gun owner — Medium

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