Shady, untrustworthy and gaining in the polls. ugh. 

Good article by Matthew Yglesias detailing the Trump foundation, its questionable dealings and the lack of attention it’s getting.

One of many good quotes:

It’s 100 percent true that everything Fahrenthold and others have uncovered about the Trump Foundation suggests that Trump will use the powers of the presidency to benefit his businesses. But even if you’d never read any coverage about the Trump Foundation, the basic lack of personal financial disclosure and unwillingness to promise he’ll shift to a blind trust if he wins is all a person worried about conflicts of interest need to know. Trump is telling you, quite openly, that as president there will be no meaningful separation between the Trump Organization and the Trump administration.

That this doesn’t seem to bother many of the people who are voting for Trump — even as many of those same people complain about “Clinton cash” and other much more second-order alleged conflicts of interest — is legitimately frustrating. But there’s little reason to believe that a few more stories about Trump’s use of charitable money to buy a Tim Tebow helmet will change that.

Source: Donald Trump’s surprisingly shady charitable foundation, explained – Vox