A lot of work to do

RreadWriteWeb’s interesting experience with Facebook Connect and frustrated Facebook users was an interesting example of how ‘ordinary’ people use the internet. Many of the commenters on the post didn’t actually read it. It’s an interesting bit about how Facebook and AOL are working together to integrate Facebook contacts into AOL instant messaging contacts. But that’s not what […]

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I taught a class today that we call “Working with Windows”. It’s a basic class that is designed to teach people the basics of working with a computer. We cover opening programs (Word), saving files, deleting files, copying/pasting, right-clicking and using the internet.    These are things that I, you, most people who use a […]

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This is week one of my library’s staff development program.  I’m very excited and more than a little curious to see what everyone will do.  It is going to be interesting to see how the diverse staff will embrace the tools we are introducing to them.  Some people are quite savy while others are a […]

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What to cover?

After looking at a dozen or so it seems that the main topics of coverage are: Lifelong learning Blogs Rss Feeds Wikis Tagging/Social Bookmarking Photos/Videos Online collaboration/productivity tools Social networking Some sites covered more, some less.  All of the sites had the first 6.  I’ll keep looking at more sites just to make sure.

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What do other libraries cover?

My assignment from the last meeting is to recommend what we want to cover in our training.  So I’m going through a few sites and comparing what they did/are doing. Of course, everything is based on the 23 things from PLCMC and many places have copied it exactly.  Nothing wrong with that!  A lot of […]

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