Notes from 2012 LITA National Forum

I’ve finished writing up my notes from this year’s LITA National Forum (October 5-8). I don’t think they do justice to the amazingly smart people who presented. I’ve tried to include links to the speaker’s slides and any relevant links they mentioned. I’ve also grouped all of the available online slides and keynote presentations into one place so they should be […]

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This app could be very, very cool.

I just read this post on GigaOm about a yet-to-be-released app for the iPad called Mindmeld. It’s a conferencing (Skype like?) app that listens to your conversation and provides relevant information about the things you’re talking about. While you are talking! Without you having to do anything?! I won’t pretend I understand how it works but it […]

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What’s Hot in RSS

Steven Cohen is the senior librarian at Law Library Management but I am more familiar with him through the site he runs called Library Stuff. I’ve been subscribing to his RSS feed for a few years and find it very helpful in helping me keep current in library trends. I was really torn between attending this session […]

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Wednesday Keynote

Ken Haycock director of the School of Library and Information Science at San José State University was the speaker for Wednesday’s keynote. He is very knowledgeable and has had a long and productive career. There is a lot I can learn from him. I really enjoyed his presentation and am glad that it is posted […]

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Dead and Innovative Technology

I really enjoyed this evening session. I did not take notes because I was having fun just listening. So I’ll link to some other people who did take notes. The presenters were: Stephen Abram, VP, Strategic Partnerships and Markets, Gale Cengage Learning & Past President, SLA Marshall Breeding, Director for Innovative Technologies and Research, Vanderbilt […]

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